JP 3038 ss16
The new JPLUS Sunglasses collection has been inspired by independence.
Directly from the street, the concept of "minimal" gets the most extreme expression in a supercool eyewear collection, focused to the essence of the shapes: floating metal structures, fine colored sheaths, vintage shapes, oversized and invisible frames in a collection that is a perfect balance of line of sight and light fit.
JP 3035 ss16
As always in the sartorialeyes styles, the lenses match with the frames, in a structural and chromatic refinement, shaping the collection's mood around chromatically harmonic sun lenses sporting daring and edged shapes.
5075 - ss16
The result is a strongly distinctive collection, connoted by JPLUS street elegance.


Via San Pietro 49 – Padova – 35139 – Italy
tel +39 049 650 029
fax +39 049 8752787


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